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Get behind the wheel and show off your management skills! Upgrade your Taxi Joint, manage your drivers, and get customers in your cars. Once the money is flowing invest it and expand your business even more. Only the Smartest can become the number one in Taxi-Town.

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Management ain't no one-way street!

Make the right decisions for your money and drivers. Will the speedy Electra fly the Helicopter or stay on the Road? Do you invest in your Call Center or your Cars? It's up to you to steer everything in the right direction!

Dash Around!

Get in control yourself! Pick the right driver for the right customer and watch them go. If you made the right decision, awesome rewards await you.

Expand Expand Expand!

With the right investments, comes opportunity. Unlock new parts of the City and new routes for your taxi drivers. Earn that sweet dough and expand globally from Taxi City to Ookanemachi!

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